As more of us work from home than ever before in the coming weeks and months, it seems we’re going to face significant new challenges.

One of these challenges, is how we all deal with being socially isolated, from friends, family members and colleagues.

Alas, at the very time we need them most, .NET user groups aren’t able to continue with their usual in-person meetups.

But, meetup organisers are already adapting, and trying out different ways to keep their groups up and running.

We’ve already seen a few user groups go virtual, and there’s almost certainly more to come.

So, here’s the call to action.

If you’re running a user group and thinking of taking it online in the coming weeks or months, I’ve started compiling a list and I’d love your help to grow it.

My hope is, we can continue to offer chances for .NET developers to connect and learn, even though we can’t meet up in person.

Here’s the link:

One of the challenges for organisers is figuring out the technicalities of taking their group online, so if you’ve any experience or have any relevant resources which might help, feel free to add these too.

And finally, the traditional user group format isn’t the only way to enable learning and connection in the days and weeks ahead.

If you’ve any ideas, whether it’s ad-hoc Zoom meetings, regular virtual drop-in sessions or anything else, add it to the issues list and get sharing ideas :-)

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