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The new Razor editor in Visual Studio 2022 doesn't currently provide intellisense for stylesheets you reference from external sources like NuGet packages…

Don't rush to break your UI down into separate components (too soon)

Consistency is key and make your components work harder to prove they're actually the 'same thing'

Ever spent hours trying to figure out why your app isn't working, only to spot the typo you made a few hours earlier?

Writing boilerplate API client code is deadly dull and repetitive, Refit will do it for you

There's no shortage of component libraries available for Blazor, but how do you figure out which one you should use?

Prerendering eradicates Blazor WASM's initial load time and .NET 6 addresses its one key limitation

Components are really useful for breaking down your UI into smaller pieces, and Blazor uses them extensively, but what if you're using Razor Pages?

Now your app supports dark mode, let's make sure your visitors only have to choose it once (or ideally, not at all)

Eyestrain is a real problem; help your users by adapting your site to their dark mode preferences

You know you should write more tests, but it's not that easy...

Because life's not complicated enough already!

You can render individual Blazor WASM components in your existing Razor Pages (or MVC) Core app.

If you refresh your prerendered Blazor WASM site today you're in for a big surprise...

With a small tweak you can have your site appear near instantly so your users aren't left hanging while the rest of your application downloads

You don't have to put all your styles in one big stylesheet any more!

Setting the title for your Blazor apps just got much easier

Sometimes Blazor needs a nudge to render

Render diagrams based on a text representation in your Blazor projects

Half the battle with building a client-side web app (using Blazor, React etc) is figuring out what calls are being made to the network. Now you can see but also edit those requests and replay them...

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