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Scott Hanselman did this neat thing with OBS and Powerpoint to put himself "in" his slides. Here's a version which works with RevealJS via Blazor Server

Half the battle with building a client-side web app (using Blazor, React etc) is figuring out what calls are being made to the network. Now you can see but also edit those requests and replay them...

You know those clever navbar menus which collapse to a "burger" icon on smaller resolutions? Here's how you can build one using Blazor and Tailwind CSS

EditForms are a unstyled by default, so it falls to you to make your forms pop!

Are Blazor's EditForms better than the alternative or do they do too much?

It would be pretty handy if you could write one validator and have your validation rules run seamlessly on both client and server...

You can easily avoid re-inventing the same wheels over and over when you break your UI down into re-usable components

As soon as you have more than one Blazor component you need to think how you'll communicate between them.

Blazor WASM is here, but just how quickly can you go from dotnet new to something useful up and running in the browser?

Even complicated applications can be broken down into small components, making them much less daunting to build.

Make re-usable components that look decent without the usual CSS headaches.

Taking .Net user groups and conferences online

Avoiding the big (Blazor) rewrite in the sky

How do you store simple state in a Blazor app, such as whether a user has dismissed a banner or not?

Sometimes you just don't need the enum...

Have a spare 10 minutes? Build a simple traffic light component and discover how Blazor's model binding works...

Building a Blazor text editor with markdown support and instant preview is easier than you think

Sometimes you just don't have the time (or CSS skills) to build every component from scratch...

You don't have to bet the farm on Blazor, it might be easier to start small and add Blazor components to the apps you already have

So Blazor is getting plenty of attention at the moment, but is it actually any good?

Muddle up your business logic and presentation concerns and you're making life a lot harder for yourself...

Your day job is energy-sapping enough, how can you still find the time and energy to keep up with new developments like Blazor?

Fed up of your javascript application breaking when you change your back end models? Blazor has an answer for that.

Blazor, Razor, MVC... what does it all mean?!

People are talking about Blazor but will it ever really replace JS?

How to run the frontend and backend parts of the ASP.NET Core React project template separately

How does the ASP.NET Core part of the ASP.NET Core React template actually work?

can we use Blazor Server and MediatR together? Why yes, yes we can.

How to compose Blazor Server components together and pass events between them

What is Blazor Server? Why might you use it?

How can you "swap in" different behaviours for a function? One way is to use C#'s Action Delegates

When you first see a Lambda you might be left scratching your head, wondering what on earth that funky syntax is all about?!

Get data from your html forms to your ASP.NET application with a little help from Tag Helpers (new in ASP.NET Core)

There was a time when spinning up a web page was simple. It's fair to say things have become a tad more complicated in recent times.

I'm at a bit of a loss for what I should be focusing on when learning ASP.NET...

Become a virtual "fly on the wall" and explore real-world .net projects from the comfort of your own computer

If you're learning ASP.NET in this brave new .NET Core world and you want to build server-side web applications then it's a straight fight between MVC and Razor Pages.

Start off on the right foot when it comes to learning ASP.NET Core MVC

Your web application is likely going to handle user input at some point. Find out how ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers make this trivial whilst saving you from making easy mistakes.

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