“Whenever I jump out of the tutorials I get stuck”

You’ve followed endless tutorials, watched a video or two, you are ready to build something using ASP.NET MVC.

What’s stopping you? You’ve got the idea, maybe even a rough outline of the user interface. You just need to build it.

But then, you start a new project in Visual Studio, create your first controller and immediately run into all the little problems the tutorials conveniently ignored.

Your form data isn’t being sent to your controller action. You don’t know whether you should be using a view model or a model (is there even a difference?) and what on earth is this dependency injection magic that “just works”… until it doesn’t; you’re not even sure what it was supposed to be doing in the first place.

You can only learn so much from stitching together tutorials and sample projects

Then there are the tutorials, so many tutorials, articles and videos. It’s like standing in front of a fire-hose trying to absorb everything the internet can throw at you.

It doesn’t matter how many tutorials you follow, you still end up staring at the blank starter project in Visual Studio, unsure where to go next.

Let’s face it, everyone else is off building exciting greenfield MVC apps and you’re left wondering whether you should give up on this convoluted mess and try node.js instead.

Build real features using ASP.NET Core MVC

But what if you knew precisely how to make views and controllers do your bidding, take control of ASP.NET Core’s dependency injection and build something real, in hours, not weeks?

Don’t have much time to spare? Don’t worry, the course gets to the important bits right from the start.

When you first try to learn ASP.NET Core MVC you can lose hours of your life to reading, research, watching different screencasts.

It’s like trying to build a 1000 piece jigsaw when you haven’t been told what the end result looks like or where most of the pieces are.

But once you clarify what you’re building, where the crucial pieces are and how they fit together you’ll be churning out new features like nobody’s business.

Sign up for Practical ASP.NET MVC Core and you’ll have a real working application up and running in hours.

Step by step direction

Enroll in the course and discover how to take feature ideas and implement them in a fully functional ASP.NET Core 2.0 application.

Here’s the process you’ll experience, developed over many years and countless ASP.NET MVC applications.

  1. Brainstorm ideas for your app
  2. Take one tiny feature idea
  3. Create a rough mock-up of the interface
  4. Build that tiny feature in the simplest possible way
  5. Stick to hardcoded data initially
  6. Introduce databases and Entity Framework as the feature evolves
  7. Do just enough refactoring to ensure your app remains easy to develop

Sounds simple right?

When you take the course and master this approach you’ll be able to build any features your customers throw at you.

During the course you’ll build a real application which evolves over time as new feature requests come in.

Plus you’ll pick up key ASP.NET Core concepts along the way.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to…

  • Build your features using Controllers, Views and ViewModels
  • Do the simplest thing to get your features up and running quickly
  • Spot when your controllers are getting too big and refactor the business logic away
  • Introduce Entity Framework Core to an existing application
  • Get your features up and running without building a database first
  • Use tag helpers to simplify your views
  • Keep your application protected from Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Add validation to your forms to protect your app from bad user input
  • Diagnose errors that crop up along the way

Sounds good, anyone tried it?

Yep, here’s some feedback from Danilo, one of the first people to take the course.

Your course is the best one.

You are able to explain those concepts that a programmer needs to understand

Thanks! Danilo Gozzola

And this one from Grahame…

As a WinForms developer of far too long, I am thoroughly enjoying your course and consider it fantastic value for money!

Having no web experience (except classic ASP back in early 2000’s!), I found the modern web to be massively confusing with all the web frameworks, etc…far too much to even scratch the surface!

Any plans for a follow up Web API course by chance? :)

Grahame Kelsey

And Erik…

I really enjoyed the course.

It especially helped me understand a bit better how to work with relations between models (using both navigation property and id).

Also, I’m trying to follow the mindset of keeping things as simple as possible at each step and then progressing slowly but steadily while adding bits (view > model, hard coded data first, then a service, then database). Anyway thanks again and have a nice weekend!

Erik Langhaug (Tromsø, Norway)

Buy Practical ASP.NET MVC (Core edition)

  • Glide past those blank starter projects and hello world demos
  • Master key ASP.NET MVC concepts as you go
  • Discover how to take your ideas and turn them into working features

Sign up now and you’ll be off and running in minutes.

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With each lesson you’ll learn how build up your features using ASP.NET MVC Core.

Go at your own pace. Want to burn through the entire course in one sitting? Knock yourself out!

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What format does this course come in?

When you sign up you’ll get instant access to the course. Each lesson introduces a new feature or concept and gives you a link to a downloadable PDF.

ASP.NET Core moves pretty fast, is the content up to date?

Yep, the course uses ASP.NET Core 2.0 and will be updated for future releases of Core 2.x.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Give it a go, if you don’t like it or it doesn’t do what you hoped drop me an email and I’ll refund your purchase.

Who’s this course for?

Anyone who wants to build applications using ASP.NET MVC (Core).

If you’ve never built web applications but have experience of windows development this course will get you going.

If you have built web appliations using earlier versions of MVC, this will give you some pragmatic tips for building your apps and introduce you to key ASP.NET Core features.

It starts at the beginning and explains every new concept as it comes along.

If I get stuck or hit a problem whilst doing the course, what help is available?

If you encounter a problem with the course, or just get stuck, get in touch and let me know what’s up.

I’ll do my best to get you back up and running.

Does the book cover SQL Server, ASP.NET WEB API or building SPA applications (using Angular etc.)

No and for a good reason.

There’s so much you could try to learn when you’re starting out with ASP.NET MVC (Core) but this can really muddy the waters and leave you lost in the ecosystem before you’ve even got the basics under your belt.

This course takes a pragmatic approach to learning fundamental concepts first so you’ve got a solid platform from which to dive into different areas of the framework.