Test Driven Development

It can take a little while to understand the concepts and how to implement TDD, but once you do, it generally makes your software development process more robust and helps to minimise “bad” code. In common usage, the term TDD refers to the process of writing unit tests before you start writing your actual code. The idea being that by defining …

Rhino Mocks

A lot of people (myself included) find the hardest part about Test Driven Development is getting started with it. It’s usually pretty easy to pick up the fundamental principles of it; write a failing test first, make it pass, refactor your code, check the test still passes etc. but it’s not so easy to actually start writing your own (useful) …

Scott Guthrie’s Blog

If you’re a .net developer (and especially if you’re an asp.net programmer) then Scott Guthrie’s blog is an excellent source of news/information. Scott is now a General manager for various Microsoft products/technologies including ASP.NET, Silverlight and IIS 7.0 and his posts always make for interesting reading. You can view it here (or check out the RSS feed on the right hand …


Unit testing for your Web App UI Excellent addition to your Test-Driven arsenal; using a simple syntax, allows you to unit test your Web App’s UI (the tests run using Internet Explorer). Read about it and download it from… http://watin.sourceforge.net/ Useful Resources WatiN – Web Application Testing In .Net (CodeProject)

So what’s it all about?

Working as a Web systems developer, I often stumble across “things that Rock”, things which make my life as a .net developer infinitely better or more fun! This blog serves as a place to record these things so that other people can decide if they “rock” for them too.


The inaugural “thing that rocks” is Schematrons… http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2003/11/12/schematron.html