ASP.NET MVC Test Framework integration

One of the exciting aspects of mvc is it’s inherent support for Test Driven Devleopment. This post outlines how to make NUnit and RhinoMocks appear as options when generating a test project during creation of a new MVC app. And an updated post for Preview 3


On a different note

Totally unrelated to the rest of the blog I just wanted to congratulate Shrewsbury Town FC on a fantastic win at the weekend. Supporting my home town team was something of a chore last year so Saturday’s free flowing football was a refreshing change.

ASP.NET MVC Custom Controls

Just spotted this article over on singingeels. Looks like a useful read if you’re keen to use MVC but are concerned about Tag Soup

Abstracting your Dependency Injection framework

I’ve used various Dependency Injection frameworks in the last year or so and have yet to settle on any one in particular. My focus has been on StructureMap and Microsoft’s Unity (I know I know everyone seems to dislike the latter for some reason but it does have its uses!). On a couple of occasions I had to switch DI …

Model *View* Controller

A lot is being made of Microsoft’s Model View Controller (or MVC) framework at the moment. I have only spent a couple of days working with it so far but it does look promising. If you are a TDD convert or just interested in solid OOP principles such as separation of concerns it may well be right up your street. …

Code 39 Mod 43 Checksum

I needed to do some work with barcodes recently, specifically I needed to handle Code 39 Mod 43 barcodes. Given a barcode string this function should return the relevant Mod 43 checksum. public class Code39     {         ///<summary>         ///Returns the expected checksum for the specified barcode         ///</summary>         ///<param name="barcode"></param>         ///<returns></returns>         public string ValidateMod43(string barcode)         {             int subtotal = 0;             const string …


Log4Net Custom Appender

Log4Net is an excellent logging framework which neatly separates the specifics of your logging implementation from your business logic. The upshot is that you can write code such as Log.Error("An error occured") in your code, and configure the logging somewhere else (usually app/web.config). To actually process the output you use Appenders. Log4Net has several built in appenders for logging to …

Shocking Gotcha – ASP.NET user controls not being referenced

Sometimes I just want to quit and take up kite flying or something… I was extending a feature for a site that used a user control called that had a class name of controls_searchboxui embedded in an aspx page. The new functionality meant that further user controls were to be created and only one of them would be programitcally added …


Just a quick recommendation to anyone fed up of writing long-winded Data Access Layers. Take a moment to check out Subsonic. Subsonic Download Page Subsonic takes a lot of the time out of Data Access development by generating a DAL for you, all you need to do is specify the connection to your database and voila you get strongly typed …

Visual Studio Hotfix rollup

If you’re using VS2008 for web development, you will probably want to download the following hotfix which fixes some performance/usability issues. See Scott Guthrie’s post for more info.