Apply “Tell Don’t Ask” and reduce coupling

A few days ago I wrote an article on how coupling (when left unchecked) can impact your code. We looked at exceptions and considered the impact of throwing them in one part of your code, to catch them somewhere else.

I had some great feedback on that post and one comment in particular regarding the viability of the delegate approach in a more realistic example.

Let’s remind ourselves where we ended up.


Why coupling will destroy your application and how to avoid it

Left unchecked, tight coupling between components (especially when distributed around your application) can slowly kill your software; rendering it hard to maintain and much more likely to suffer from bugs.

How can we identify and reduce coupling in our applications?


Azure Bites: Background tasks for your web site using Azure WebJobs

Offloading tasks to run in the background can be really useful. There are times when your users don’t need to wait around for a task (such as sending an email) to finish.

I recently heard about Azure webjobs and decided to give them a go. It turns out they really simplify your message consuming code and finally get rid of those pesky loops!


How (not) to send emails from your web site – The Problem (Part 1)

A few years ago I was working on a project where we needed to add email functionality to a web site.

You know the drill, a customer fills in their details on the site, clicks “Contact Us” and an email wings it’s way to someone in the office.

Read on to find out how not to do it before we look at a better solution using Azure.


Azure Bites: Microservices in Azure

It seems everyone is talking about them. You want to build scalable reliable software where each component can be considered in isolation and called asynchronously.

How does Service Fabric help you create a microservices architecture?

Azure Bites: Subscriptions

So you’ve started using Azure and you’re blown away by all the power now resting at your fingertips. One thing you probably want to keep an eye on is cost.

Let’s find out how to manage your Azure subscriptions.


In September Microsoft hosted AzureCon, a free virtual event to showcase some of the existing and new features coming to Azure.