Scott Guthrie’s Blog

If you’re a .net developer (and especially if you’re an programmer) then Scott Guthrie’s blog is an excellent source of news/information. Scott is now a General manager for various Microsoft products/technologies including ASP.NET, Silverlight and IIS 7.0 and his posts always make for interesting reading. You can view it here (or check out the RSS feed on the right hand …


Unit testing for your Web App UI Excellent addition to your Test-Driven arsenal; using a simple syntax, allows you to unit test your Web App’s UI (the tests run using Internet Explorer). Read about it and download it from… Useful Resources WatiN – Web Application Testing In .Net (CodeProject)

So what’s it all about?

Working as a Web systems developer, I often stumble across “things that Rock”, things which make my life as a .net developer infinitely better or more fun! This blog serves as a place to record these things so that other people can decide if they “rock” for them too.


The inaugural “thing that rocks” is Schematrons…