Want to build something real using ASP.NET Core MVC?

You’ve followed endless tutorials, watched a video or two and reckon you’re ready to try building something of your own using ASP.NET MVC.

What’s stopping you? You’ve got the idea, maybe even a rough outline of the user interface. You just need to build it.

But then, you start a new project in Visual Studio, create your first controller and immediately run into all the little problems the tutorials conveniently ignored.

Your form data isn’t being sent to your controller action. You don’t know whether you should be using a view model or a model (is there even a difference?) and what on earth is this dependency injection magic that “just works”… until it doesn’t; you’re not even sure what it was supposed to be doing in the first place.

You can only learn so much from stitching together tutorials and sample projects

Then there are the tutorials and docs, that either go into way too much detail, covering minutiae you don’t need, or gloss over the key information that would make it all click.

I mean, how many times must you turn away from what you’re learning to consult Google and plug all the gaps?

Let’s face it, everyone else is off building exciting greenfield MVC apps and you’re left wondering whether you should give up on this convoluted mess and try node.js instead.

Build real features using ASP.NET Core MVC

But what if you knew precisely how to make views and controllers do your bidding, take control of ASP.NET Core’s dependency injection and build something real, in hours, not weeks?

ASP.NET Core MVC can be convoluted and difficult to figure out, but once you’ve mastered the fundamentals everything else will click into place.

Don’t struggle along trying to build that feature by yourself, cut to the chase and get a real working application up and running in no time.

Step by step direction

Sign up for my email course and you’ll get twice-weekly emails that take you from that blank starter project in Visual Studio to a fully working application.

Get clear explanations of the underlying MVC concepts, and the exact code that brings it all together.

Learn how to overcome errors that crop up along the way, and get practical advice for diagnosing problems that might arise when you build your own features.

Don’t have months to spend on this? Don’t worry, the course gets to the important bits right from the start, you’ll have a working application in days.

Want in?

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